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About AirCode

AirCode is an online platform designed to streamline the development and deployment of Node.js applications, tailored for full-stack engineers.

With an intuitive in-browser IDE and pre-configured cloud services, AirCode takes care of the backend technology selection, environment setup, and operation, so you can focus on building great products. No more complex setup processes, no more headaches over server management - open your browser, and you're ready to go.

Getting Started

To help you quickly get familiar with the usage and core features of AirCode, we have designed a 5-minute introductory tutorial.


In regards to the method of creating robots in real-life scenarios using AirCode, we have prepared a series of hands-on practical tutorials.


By following the guides below, you can progressively gain a deeper understanding of how to utilize various features in AirCode.

API Reference

If you are familiar with AirCode, you can use these technical manuals for quick reference.